Hey guys! Hows the going,  your week been good like mine I hope. I came across this book called The Secret and I have to say its really good. It talks of  so many interesting things, the power of our minds and forces of attraction etc its really good! I am not much of a reader really, besides newspapers and fashion magazines heheh but reading books is turning out to be a fun experience. Lets just hope ill keep it this way. Anyway this week has been a bit sad for me, lost a friend and classmate, its been hard but I thank God she was in my life for that short time. This outfit is a very simple one, not much is going on. The dress  is thrift, (ZARA) is so fun and easy to pair with anything. For this look, its all SIMPLICITY. This look is perfect for daytime hanging around with the gladiators on a sunny day or you can switch it up for a night look with some heels. On my next post I will talk of my thrift experiences and the best thrift tips that do work for me since thrift shopping is something that I do enjoy and every lady should know a thing or two so stay tuned and keep it style by Lizzy. Thanks for stepping by and  have an awesome weekend. X![Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”24″ gal_title=”best”]



  1. Cicinho said:

    Liz… look enchanting in that dress.

    October 16, 2015
  2. Monica said:

    By far my favourute

    October 16, 2015
  3. Monica said:

    I ment favorite ?

    October 16, 2015
  4. Nimz said:

    looking so chic

    A big fan of your blog 😊😊

    The fair as well. Total slay.

    Mind sharing which hair this is? pretty please ☺

    October 25, 2015
    • Thanks doll glad you love it 🙂 the braids are called curly piece one packet goes for 110 shillings:)

      October 26, 2015
      • Nimz said:

        Thank-you For replying. You’re a dime

        keep posting, totally in love with your blog. can’t wait to see what you have in store.

        October 27, 2015

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